FCC 26 went down this weekend and what a night we had, the atmosphere in the place was unbelievable! So good to be back after over 18 months out.

If you brought a ticket or paid for the PPV, thank you so much for the support. The fights will be available on demand for 1 week so if you haven’t already get over to Proper Sports, you won’t be disappointed.
PPV Link – https://propersport.uk/videos/videos/fcc26/

To all the fighters and coaches who have put months of hard work and stress into your camps, we hope you all enjoyed the FCC experience. It was great to see so many familiar faces after such a long layoff, and everyone back doing what they love.

To all the fighters whether you won or lost, you should be extremely proud of what you have achieved. Not many people will experience the highs and lows of the fight game, so to quote John Kavanagh “Win or learn” and you’ll never lose a fight in your life.

Finally, to everyone else behind the scenes at the FCC family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your hard work and constant support are what makes the show the success it is.
On a personal note, it was extremely sad not to have our head referee Neil Hall there. You were truly missed my good friend.

We have some big fights in the pipeline for FCC 27 so stay tuned and subscribe to the website for the latest news – https://fccmma.co.uk/

Thanks again everyone!
Adam Teh – Promoter

FCC Official Results:

  1. John Spencer vs Aidan Gore: Aidan Gore won via Guillotine 41 seconds of round 1
  2. Louis Goodall vs Daniel Holt: Daniel Holt won via TKO strikes 2 mins 47 seconds of round 1
  3. Reece Street vs Samuel Aurejo: Samuel Aurejo won via Triangle 1 min 08 seconds of round 1
  4. Liam Delsol vs Ryan McNally: Ryan McNally won via Arm Triangle 52 seconds of round 1
  5. Saeed Saeedi vs Connor Walsh: Connor Walsh won via RNC (standing) 2 mins 20 seconds of round 1
  6. Adam Shephard vs Brooklyn Thomas: Brooklyn Thomas won via Unanimous Judges Decision
  7. Ashley Hill vs Charlie Balmer: Charlie Balmer won via Guillotine 2 mins 11 seconds of round 1
  8. Zac Deacon vs Trent Simm: Trent Simm won via TKO 1 min 03 seconds of round 1
  9. Lewis Humphreys vs Joe Swinnerton: Lewis Humphreys won via Unanimous Judges Decision
  10. Lewis Barlow vs Aaron Talent: Aaron Talent won via Arm Triangle 2 mins 46 seconds of round 1
  11. Callum McGaughey vs Layton Kane: Layton Kane won via Guillotine 40 seconds of round 1
  12. Jamie Davies vs Mick Jewell: Jamie Davies won via TKO 2 mins 55 seconds of round 1
  13. Kammy Uddin vs Macauley Donnelly: Macauley Donnelly won via RNC 2 min 55 seconds of round 1
  14. Jamie Acton vs Daz Moffitt: Jamie Acton won via TKO strikes 28 seconds of round 1
  15. Sheldon Ryan vs Jay Reilly: Sheldon Ryan won via Unanimous Judges Decision
  16. Callum Connor vs Sam Whiteley: Callum Connor won via TKO strikes 1 min 34 seconds of round 1
  17. Jordan Parker vs Tom Doyle: Jordan Parker won via TKO strikes 23 second of round 1
  18. Reid Rogers vs David Whitehead: Reid Rogers won via RNC 2 min 04 seconds of round 1
  19. Tyler Thomas vs Faz Ali: Faz Ali won via TKO strikes 3 min 27 seconds of round 1
  20. Stef Murray vs Kurtis Campbell: Kurtis Campbell won via Unanimous Judges Decision
  21. Chris Price vs Lewis Beatie: Chris Price won via Leg Lock 25 seconds round 1
  22. Declan Fisher vs Karl Fletcher: Declan Fisher won via TKO strikes 41 seconds of round 1
  23. Megan Morris vs Levi Steedman: Megan Morris won via Armbar 1 min 29 seconds of round 1
  24. Craig Skelton vs Liam Molloy: Liam Molloy won via TKO strikes 46 seconds of round 1
  25. Nikola Zlatev vs Kenneth Richardson: Kenneth Richardson won via Unanimous Judges Decision
Fight of the Night – Stef Murray vs Kurtis Campbell
Knock out of the Night – Declan Fisher
Submission of the Night – Megan Morris
Special mention to Brooklyn Thomas – Best New Comer.
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