Top 10 FCC Knockouts

10) Sam Spencer vs Ryan Holdham

Sam Spencer has been a UK MMA prospect and FCC standout on the amateur scene all the way to his professional bouts. For Spencer, injury has been a recurring problem in his fight camps – even in fights as we saw live versus Bryan Creighton, gritting through a broken jaw to take the win by unanimous decision.

Two years on from his last FCC win, Spencer returned to the cage for the first time in eighteen months in emphatic fashion, going up against an undefeated battler in Ryan Holdham, only to stop his opposition in less than forty seconds.

9) Tom Aspinall vs Toms Bankevics

When it comes to heavyweights, the saying goes that all it takes is one punch – and the sentiment is no different here. In 2014, the north west happened to have two of the brightest amateur heavyweight talents do battle in the FCC cage. Both Aspinall and Bankevics were on big winning streaks and made this one of the biggest fights to grace the FCC battleground.

The now-UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall prevailed with a quick overhand right behind the ear of Bankevics, ending the contest in just fifteen seconds.

8) Tim Wilde vs Martin Delaney

Tim Wilde vs Martin Delaney at FCC 15 was a combustible main event. When you mixed the talent of Delaney and the ‘wild’ style of Tim, fireworks were bound to happen in Bolton.

Tim was working his way through the ranks of UK lightweights and this was a big contest, seeing the recent inking of a Bellator contract has come his way. Wilde pressured Delaney and secured stoppage.

7) Joe Nazokatov vs Callum Gaghan

We are taking it back to the old school with this one – all the way back to FCC 5. Promising amateurs in Joe Nazokatov and Callum Gaghan went to war with a blistering start. Gaghan didn’t allow Joe to cement his control as Nazokatov’s previous opponents had allowed him to do so.

However, Joe spotted chinks in the armour of Callum, who rushed in with his hands low and paid for it with a thunderous counter, dropping his man on his back and forcing the referee to bring a halt to proceedings.

6) Lerone Murphy vs Manolo Scianna

A familiar, notable face makes an appearance in this list in FCC favourite and now-UFC fighter Lerone Murphy. Back at FCC 23, he had a career-boosting performance versus Manolo Scianna – a victory that would seal him a UFC contract. But first, ‘The Miracle’ had business to handle.

Scianna, the Italian, had a lot to take from this and was no such easy picking. He made Murphy work, placed him on the back foot, but it all seemed too manageable for the former, trapping his arm under him, deeming Manolo defenseless and stopping him in the first round with a beautiful flurry of strikes.

5) Emile Vujakovic vs Chris Kennedy

In a hotly contested fight for the FCC amateur middleweight championship, Emile Vujakovic was out to make a statement versus an FCC mainstay in Chris Kennedy.

What came of this bout resulted in a thunderous combination that was consistently played with from Vujakovic, setting up the jab into a head kick – a fundamental combination that can cause a variety of damage. In this instance, such was the outcome.

A terrifying strike caught Kennedy cleanly and thus followed the head kick, starching his man and putting him out cold – making this undoubtedly one of the best knockouts the FCC arena has seen.

4) Jordan Barton vs Matthew Camilleri

In our most recent show in February, ‘The Lord’ Jordan Barton returned in a big, scrappy bout versus Matthew Camilleri. Barton was undoubtedly the home favourite, but Camilleri was not about to let himself be a walk in the park for the former.

Barton’s pressure seemingly became unstoppable, clipping his man to the roar of the crowd and cementing his game on his way to claiming yet another stunning victory.

3) Brett McDermott vs Luke Taylor

This has always been on for the ages and one of the very first fights to put FCC on the UK MMA map. Back at FCC 3, Brett McDermott took on Luke ‘The Animal’ Taylor in a phenomenal light-heavyweight title clash.

The two behemoths locked horns in a back and forth tussle, one that had the crowd on the edge of their seats throughout. There were times where Taylor was in control, dominating positions, however a beautiful counter right hand from McDermott with his back on the fence stunned Taylor enough for Brett to take advantage and capture the gold.

2) Brendan Loughnane vs David Lee

Brendan Loughnane has continued to storm ahead as a frontrunner of just what UK fighting talent is all about. Here, though, he saw himself up against a fighting veteran in David Lee for the FCC British lightweight championship.

It was truly a tale of a hungry young lion taking on the old guard with Loughnane the favourite. Brendan stood his ground with the skilful veteran, wrecking the body and topping it off with an unusual striking sequence that put the lights out for David Lee.

1) Tim Wilde vs Ian Williams

There’s a reason why Tim Wilde has made this list twice and his surname is only complimentary to his guns-blazing approach to fighting. Back at FCC 18, Wilde found himself in a battle with a scrapper just as unorthodox and unpredictable as himself in Ian Williams – a fellow veteran of the FCC arena.

Wilde was looking to make history as the first man to win a title in two weight divisions on FCC. As our own Brad Wharton would call it, it was an unbelievable scene. With Williams on the fence, Wilde remained calm, collected and – to his crazy signature – sent the crowd crazy with a stunning spinning wheel kick to knock out Williams and capture his second FCC championship.

Notable Mentions

Shaun Kenny vs Paul Wadsworth

Declan Williams vs Veselin Ivanov

Michael Younis vs Adam Wright

Article Written by: Harry Williams

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